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The Blueberry Creations Postcard series includes whimsical blueberry creatures inspired by the famous Maine Blueberries and the variety of Maine wild and sea life.

Set on a backdrop of original oil and acrylic paintings that I have done, the Blueberry Creations include:

  • BlueGull

  • BlueSquito

  • BlueMoose

  • BlueCoon

  • BlueLobster

  • BlueUrchin

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and enjoy your visit!

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About Blueberry Creations

Several years ago, my sister and I were part of the Celebration of the Arts in Georgetown, Maine. We were in charge of the Young Artists tent.

In preparation for the event, we worked with our kids in preparing their artwork for the display and sale. The art show also offered an opportunity for the established artists of the community to mingle with the upcoming talent.

It was during one of these shows that the idea was was birthed! It took some years to finalize all the designs but they are complete at last.

Using the famous Maine Blueberries that our family grew up with and love, I transformed them into the fun sea life and wildlife that inhabits the Maine Coast.

Using a variety of mediums – oils, acrylic, pastels, & pencils,
the Blueberry Creations took shape.

Here you see the rare BlueSquito of Maine!

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